A Closer Look at Nessa Barrett’s Tattoos

TikTok sensation and singer Nessa Barrett has been making waves in the music industry with her chart-topping singles. But just as noteworthy as her singles are her tattoos—each one telling a story of its own. If you’re curious about what’s behind each tattoo, we’ve got you covered!

The Meaning Behind Her Gemini Tattoo
One of Barrett’s most prominent tattoos is located on the inside of her right forearm, just above her wrist. The tattoo is a cursive script spelling out “Gemini,” and it was done in 2019 by celebrity tattoo artist JonBoy. It serves as a reminder that she is a proud Gemini—and according to Barrett, represents how she’s “always two sides of everything.”


The Story Behind Her Teddy Bear Tattoo
Another one of Barrett’s tattoos is a little teddy bear that sits on the inside of her left arm. This tattoo was also done by JonBoy and has a special meaning for her; it was done in honor of when she moved away from home for the first time. According to Barrett, having this teddy bear reminds her that even though she may not be close to family all the time, they will always be there for support and love.

Her Quote Tattoo
On the inside of her right arm rests another meaningful quote—this one reads “you can only love what you know.” This quote was inspired by a poem written by Bayard Taylor called “Love Is Enough.” For Barrett, this quote serves as an important reminder to take time to understand who you are before seeking out relationships with others.

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Nessa Barrett’s tattoos have become almost as iconic as her music career! Each one carries an important message and story behind it, providing insight into who she is as an artist and person. Whether it’s honoring family or reminding herself to stay true to herself, these tattoos show that Barrett puts great thought into every decision she makes—and that includes choosing which art will forever be etched onto her skin!

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