What is Bruno Mars’s ethnicity ? A Look at His Family Background

Bruno Mars grew up in Hawaii and credits his parents for most of his musical ability. His ethnicity is might appear to be Hawaiian but it isn’t.

Talking about his parents, he was born to Hernandez IV to Pedro and Bernadette Hernandez on October 8, 1985.

What is Bruno Mars’s ethnicity?

The ancestor of Pedro, Mar’s father is half-Ashkenazi Jewish and half-Puerto Rican whereas his mother immigrated to Hawaii from the Philippines and is of Spanish and Filipino descent.

Mars is also one-quarter Jewish due to his Ukrainian and Hungarian ancestors.

Bruno Mars once said to CNN that his father was the showman and his mother, the singer in the family.

He got his swagger from his father.

In an interview with Latina Magazine, the legendary singer hinted that his father is responsible for much of his sense of flair and swagger. He remembered his father picking him and his sisters up from school in a Cadillac while dressed in a silk suit.

His sisters were embarrassed by their father because not many people on the island drove Cadillacs, but Mars was not. In today’s world, Mars, with his swagger, silk suits, and Cadillacs, is a carbon copy of his father.

He also addressed the long-running myth that he had changed his name to “Bruno Mars” to hide his ethnicity in the interview. He went on to say that such statements were an insult to him and his family.

When he was a toddler, his father gave him the name Bruno, and as a performer, he planned to go by “Bruno.” “Mars” was a joke about him being “larger than life” and stuck.

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