Nelly’s daughter Chanelle to follow in his footsteps

Chanelle Haynes, the rapper Nelly’s daughter, grew up with her brother Tre and two relatives. Haynes is best known as the daughter of Nelly, a prominent rapper and one of the all-time greats of hip-hop.

Her brother, Cornel III, aka ‘Tre,’ was raised with her, but their moms’ names are unknown. Chanelle has two cousins, Sydney and Shawn, who were raised by Chanelle’s father, Nelly, with his children after his sister died of leukemia in March 2005.

Among Nelly’s four children, the bond between him and his daughter Chanelle appears to be particularly special.

Chanelle Following in Her Father’s Footsteps

Chanelle Haynes, popularly known as Nana, was originally introduced to the world by Nelly in his reality show Nellyville, which aired in 2014. Her brothers and relatives were also introduced during the same show.

Chanelle opened up about her life on the show, disclosing a few pieces of information such as her education and goals. She claimed that she went to Columbia College in Chicago to study business after her father recommended it.

She also displayed an interest in music, implying that she will follow in her father’s footsteps.

As a result, the aspiring singer published her first single in July 2020 and is expected to release more music in the future.

The beautiful Father-Daughter Bond between Nelly and Chanelle

A brief glance at rapper Nelly’s Instagram account reveals his lovely relationship with his daughter, Chanelle.

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On the occasion of Chanelle’s birthday on February 28, 2021, the ‘Just A Dream’ artist wished his daughter on Instagram. He shared a lovely photo of the couple with a lovely comment, stating, “My miniature version of myself…!! Happy Birthday to my firstborn daughter, my Daddy’s darling… I adore you to the moon and back…!!”

“…even tho you are a strong gorgeous young woman all I see is a snaggletooth five-year-old that can make me giggle on any bad day,” he said on her birthday in 2020.


Chanelle’s Brother and Cousins Are Also Doing Well

Tre, Chanelle Haynes’s biological brother, was a high school football standout who retired after graduation. He is currently spending time with his family and girlfriend.

Her cousin Shawn, on the other hand, uses YouTube to broadcast video game streams, tutorials, and music, while her other cousin, Sydney, is a budding model who had her first photoshoot on the reality show.

Sydney is now the mother of a newborn boy, who was delivered in January of 2020.

Haynes’ Step-Mother Wants Children with Nelly

While Nelly reared Chanelle as a single parent, Chanelle and her siblings were reared by his lover, Shantel Jackson.

Shantel debuted as a cast member on Nellyville, and she and Nelly have been dating ever since. Shantel grew close to Chanelle and her siblings as a result, and Nelly refers to her as ‘Mama.’

Shantel has a particular place in Chanelle’s heart and family, but she has expressed her desire to have a child with Nelly on several occasions.

One of those times was when she appeared on the reality show Platinum Life. Shantel brought up the topic on the show by asking Nelly if he recalled her telling him she wanted to freeze her eggs because she was in her thirties and her eggs were most likely outdated. “Your egg ain’t old,” Nelly said in response.

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Shantel delved farther into the matter, explaining the procedure to him, and asked whether he would be willing to participate if she did. “I’m a natural guy,” Nelly said, expressing his support. If something occurs, it occurs. But ultimately, the choice is yours. I’ve come to lend a hand. In any case, I adore you. Everything is fine.”

Chanelle Haynes should definitely expect a suitable companion for her newborn if Shantel and Nelly decide to have that child, just as Tre and her cousins were for her.

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