Charlie Puth’s Iconic Eyebrow Which Started A Fashion Trend

For a long time, many admirers assumed that the slit in Charlie Puth’s eyebrow was done on purpose to make him seem a specific way. This isn’t an unfounded assumption; artists like Vanilla Ice have been doing it for a long time. The prominent line on the ‘See You Again’ singer’s right brow, on the other hand, was caused by a childhood dog bite that nearly killed him.

He was summoned by Vanilla Ice

Puth brought up a hilarious event involving another artist with lines in his brows—Vanilla Ice—during an appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden. According to Puth’s account, he was at a New Year’s Eve party when he was approached by someone who said Vanilla Ice wanted to see him. As a result, he complied.

Vanilla Ice had a moment to realize who he was speaking with, and during that time, someone introduced Puth as “the dude who everyone says has your eyebrows.”

“Oh, this is you that everyone has been saying is me,” the ‘Ice Ice Baby’ rapper responded.

When he was a toddler, he was assaulted

In a YouTube video where he was playing with pups, the Grammy Award-winning musician recalls being bitten by a black labrador, which ended in a near-fatal head injury. He was brought to the hospital right away. He needed four stitches because the injury was so bad.

Charlie Puth Eyebrow
Source: The Odyssey Online

The singer, it turns out, was only a toddler at the time of the incident, two years old to be exact. He allegedly pulled the dog’s tail, but it did not respond kindly because it was a mistreated dog. The singer recalls that the authorities got engaged and that the animal was eventually put down after a court order.

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“It was pretty messy,” the singer of “We Don’t Talk Anymore” admitted, “but everything worked out in the end and now I have this cool little thing on my brow.”

As a tribute, fans shave their eyebrows

Puth’s scar has become something of a hallmark now that he has reached superstardom. As a tribute to their idol, several of his devotees have been known to shave their brows in the same way.

Despite the fact that he has had the scar on his brow for nearly as long as he can remember, people can’t help but bring it up now and then. For example, a fan remarked in June that they couldn’t imagine the singer without his trademark brow. They claimed it added to Puth’s allure. In addition to the tweet, the individual included a TikTok of themselves adoring the musician.

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