Homelander vs Soldier Boy : Who Would Win ?

The 3rd season of The Boys has been well-loved by viewers, and may even be stronger than the legendary Homelander. The show has brought many aspects that could result in some interesting surprises as the season’s final moments approach. While certain elements could be minor stimulants, other elements have the potential of bringing significant change.

The fun was heightened when Billy and Hughie took their game to the next level by introducing Compound V24 in the fourth episode. In addition, the episode also showcased the current Soldier Boy, who had less Captain America and more of the Winter Soldier vibe.

Given the way the episode ended on the table, it’s safe to assume that the fans are looking forward to Friday to watch a brand new season of The Boys.

Homelander is, without doubt, the most powerful supe from The Boys because he is more durable, and stronger, in addition to being more potent than other supe. Billy Butcher did say that Homelander was just equal to Homelander. However, that’s not enough to beat Homelander.

Although Soldier Boy may be a legend in the supe industry, Homelander is still the most powerful character we’ve seen on The Boys. However, it’s uncertain what The Boys will change Soldier Boy’s story, compared to comics and how he might be able to compete with Homelander. It will be interesting to watch a battle between these two characters. Below is Homelader Vs Soldier boy in more detail.

Homelander Vs Soldier boy All Comparisons

Weapons and Equipment –  Homelander Vs Soldier Boy

Homelander Vs Soldier boy weapon comparison

As per his character as a Captain America parody, Soldier Boy is outfitted with a shield which is his primary weapon during the battle. In addition, he wears combat gear that will be capable of providing ample protection from harm. In addition, being skilled in the field of weapons, and could most likely handle any weapon because of his training and knowledge as a soldier who participated in World War II.

Homelander and soldier boy

Homelander, on the other hand, isn’t equipped with weapons or special equipment since Homelander is the only weapon. If you’re someone who has Homelander’s abilities and strength you don’t have to pull out any weapon as his fists and vision are more potent than any weapon you can find. In this way, he’s as unassuming as any supe could be. The Boys.

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While Homelander could be powerful enough without the use of a firearm, Soldier Boy could probably overcome the odds if makes use of the right weapons against him. This is the reason we are providing this information the title of Soldier Boy.

Soldier Boy 1, Homelander 0

Physical Capabilities – Homelander Vs Soldier Boy

Physical Capability Homelander Vs Soldierboy

Soldier Boy was meant to be a clone of Captain America from the world in The Boys, as his character in the comic appears to be strong enough to compete with any other superhero in terms of physical power. However, the version of the live-action show is believed to be much stronger and more durable due to the fact that the strength he has is something Billy Butcher described as being nearly identical to Homelander’s. In this way, he’s probably the second-strongest character of the series, and probably physically stronger than Stormfront as well as Queen Maeve.

There’s no doubt that, out of the different supes we’ve encountered on The Boys, Homelander is the most powerful and longest-lasting. Another supe we’ve seen that caused some harm to his body was Stormfront in a sexual fight between the two. But, apart from this, Homelander has never been proven to have suffered the kind of damage that would have killed the character. In addition, He has not fought against anything, even when tested for his strength.

Homelander is still more powerful in its durability and strength than Soldier Boy. It’s likely the possibility that Soldier Boy could be almost the same strength as Homelander however we’re not sure whether or not he’ll be strong enough to take on the strongest supe’s strength or endurance. That’s the reason Homelander is the one to make this claim.

Soldier Boy 1, Homelander 1

Powers – Homelander Vs Soldier Boy

Soldier Boy Poster

Soldier Boy was always meant to be a parody of Captain America in The Boys and, as such, Soldier Boy doesn’t possess any powers apart from his enhanced physical abilities. In the flashback sequence, the character didn’t show any abilities in the battle with the Sandinistas. The trailer however is interesting as it was revealed that he is capable of releasing energy blasts from his body. This could be the result of an experiment researchers from the Russians performed on him but it remains to be confirmed.

Homelander is basically able of anything that Superman is able of since it is a parody of the superhero. He can, for instance, fly and shoot heat vision through his eye, and be able to see through objects using X-ray vision. He’s basically a copy of Superman however, the only difference is that he lacks the ability to carry heavy objects when on the ground.
Soldier Boy will probably get an upgrade following his time as a Russian experiment, but at the moment, Homelander still has more capabilities. In addition, Homelander has proven himself to be quite dangerous with regard to his heat vision. this power is usually enough to prevail in a fight.
Homelander 2, Soldier Boy 1

Who is more experienced as a Supe ? Homelander or Soldier Boy?

Jensen Ackles as Soldierboy

There is no doubt that Captain America parallels will never stop when it comes to Soldier Boy because he has been around for a while since World War II. In his backstory from Season 3 of The Boys, he was revealed to have joined the ranks of America to fight against the Germans during the war. Following that, he was head of Payback which was a supe squad that was active throughout the 1980s. So, he’s been around for a lengthy time and his longevity is what enabled him to establish himself as one of the top supes around the world.

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Homelander, who is The co-captain for The Seven, hasn’t been for a long period. The show revealed in his background on The Boys Presents: Diabolical that he was the most recent one of The Seven and that implies that he’s inexperienced in comparison to other supes of the world.

Although being the most popular hero of the world could have given him the chance to gain some experience, he hasn’t been around long enough to become equally experienced as other Supremacy supes.

Since Soldier Boy has been around for quite a long time, there’s no doubt that he’s likely to be the most experienced supersupe in the world. He has more knowledge than Homelander and could be an important factor for the actor.

Soldier Boy 2, Homelander 2

More Intelligent One Between Homelander and Soldier Boy

Homelander characteristics

The biggest flaw the most notable flaw in Soldier Boy could be his ingenuity or lack of it. In the flashback of Grace Mallory’s character of Nicaragua, she said that he was being the most foolish of the participants of Payback since he was actually guilty of many dumb things during his time there.

He even allowed Swatto to fly through their camp. That was the first sign of that the Contra’s location to Sandinistas and Russians who quickly acted to strike them. So, Soldier Boy is probably one of the most stupid people in the world.

The Homelander, in his rant at his birthday party, claimed that he was more intelligent than every other human being on earth. This could be the case because it’s possible his genes were designed to make him superior to anyone else in terms of physical and mental abilities.

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In the course of the show, it was clear that he was more clever than most people because nobody could think of a strategy that could enable anyone to out-think him. In addition, the fact that he’s extremely calculated with his methods when you see him emotionally or mentally shaming his team members during The Seven.

Soldier Boy is an idiot This means this time the game is won by Homelander who has proved that he’s probably more intelligent than anyone else in the world.

Homelander 3, Soldier Boy 2

Homelander Vs Soldier boy: Who is more powerful?

As you will observe, Homelander is simply superior in terms of abilities, strength, and intelligence. Although Soldier Boy could perhaps be more skilled and be equipped with powerful weapons that can help him bridge the gap between himself and Homelander he’s not superior to him in virtually every other way.

In this way, it’s difficult to comprehend how Homelander might lose a battle with Soldier Boy, who may be strong, but not as powerful as the most powerful person in the world.

Homelander is, without doubt, the most powerful supe from The Boys because he is more durable, and stronger, in addition to being more potent than other supe. Billy Butcher did say that Homelander was just equal to Homelander. However, that’s not enough to beat Homelander.





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