Who is Jamal Murray’s Girlfriend ? Is He Still Dating Harper Hempel?

The weekend talk will be about Jamal Murray Girlfriend Breakup. The NBA star has been in the headlines for quite a long time now! Jamal Murray is a professional basketball player. He is the talisman of his basketball team Denver Nuggets. Jamal joined Denver Nuggets in 2016. Since then, he has been their star player, performing with consistency every year. He also plays for his national side, Canada. Murray loves to talk about his game and his love for Basketball. When it comes to his personal life, he never discloses anything. This time Jamal failed to do so. The whole media has been talking about him and his girlfriend. The 24-year old Canadian has been the talk of the town in the past two years. Jamal and his longtime girlfriend, Harper Hempel, have grabbed all the news headlines. The social media world exploded after that incident. 

Harper Hempel is a Social media manager and a photographer born in Kentucky, USA. Hempel used to be a Volleyball player during her College and High School days. She is highly recognized on social media as she is the boyfriend of Jamal Murray. After graduating in marketing and media, she left Volleyball and chose to become a businesswoman. Harper met Murray around 2015 when they were in Kentucky University. As both of them were involved in sports, they became familiar with each other. Whenever Jamal’s name came, people were always eager to know about Harper and their relationship. Murray has successfully kept their relationship private till the unthinkable happened. Many rumors have been spreading lately that both the lovebirds have been separated. Jamal has not disclosed any information about it. Let’s see if the rumor of Jamal Murray Girlfriend Breakup is true or not.

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Jamal Murray Girlfriend Breakup: The Whole Story


Jamal’s accomplishments with Denver Nuggets are exceptional. You will realize that is he is more into sports than anything else. His father encouraged him to play basketball. Today he has made his family proud. These are some of the reasons why Jamal keeps his relation with Harper under wraps. He is more focused on basketball than anything else. In March 2020, someone hacked Jamal’s Instagram account. Every news headline was talking about Jamal and Harper’s s** scandal. The video got leaked and got posted on social media. Before the NBA superstar could delete it, almost all of his fans witnessed it. They even downloaded the video and took screenshots. It was a phase in Jamal and Harper’s lives that was enough to destroy their relationship. Jamal apologized to all of his fans and added that someone hacked his account. Harper issued a plea, asking everyone to delete the video.

Are Jamal and Harper Still Together?

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The situation got calmer after the terrible scandal. Both Jamal and Harper got immense support from their fans. Maybe one of the reasons is that they don’t want both of them to break up!. These video scandals have been very frequent when it comes to celebrities. Today we are talking about athletes. One huge example is Karim Benzema’s. The superstar striker’s one mistake led him out of the France national team for many years. Jamal Murray and Harper had deleted their Instagram accounts and made new ones. They both felt very guilty for what happened last year. Jamal and Harper have been asked an end number of times about their relationship status. But they both tend to remain silent about their relationship. Many assume that they have broken up as Harper never mentioned him in her birthday posts. Many also assume that they are still together.

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What Is The Current Situation?

Jamal Murray and Harper Hempel have been focusing on their professional career ever since that incident happened. Jamal is an athlete who loves to open up when the talk is about basketball and his future in Denver Nuggets. But whenever the media asks him about Harper, he chooses to stay quiet. Harper is also pretty happy with her professional career. The conclusion is that we can’t judge anything till any one of them opens up. Their statements will have much more value than ours. The probabilities can be anything.

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