Who is Jessica Barden’s Husband ? Here is The Answer

Jessica Barden, well known for her role as “Alyssa” in The End of the F******g World, has recently opened about her absence from the social media.

The actress shared a post of Instagram and disclosed details while also showing her baby bump. In that post, she shared the news regarding her pregnancy saying ” If I didn’t reply to you and you felt like I was avoiding you it’s because I was pregnant this whole year”.

She added, ” Thank you to everyone I worked with in Australia, I am so grateful I got to work pregnant and I couldn’t of done it without everyone’s care and support. I absolutely love being someone’s mum  I will never post my child on here so this is still a meme account.”

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Jessica Barden Secretly Had A Baby During Lockdown

So it turns out that Jessica Barden kept her pregnancy a secret during the lockdown period. A few weeks after the baby bump pic, she posted another pic on Instagram with her baby in her arms.

Many of her co-stars and friends reacted to this news and shared their joy. The entire fandom is very happy for Barden.

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With all the excitement about Jessica Barden having a baby, the questions started pouring regarding who the father was.

Barden has dating several celebrities in the past Bill Milner but he is not the father of her child.

Who is Jessica Barden’s Husband ?


Jessica Barden’s husband is in fact Max Winkler. Barden took to Instagram stories on March 12, 2022 and revealed that Winkler is her husband.

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Max Winkler is a American screenwriter and television director.

She shared a picture in which she was offering her husband, Winkler a piece of  cake and celebrating their 1 year their marriage.


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