This Is How Internet Reacted To Lana Del Rey’s Weight Gain

Lana Del Rey‘s weight gain pics shocked everyone. Fans were really surprised to see  Del Rey gain so much weight in so little time. This might just be quarantine weight gain right? Or is there more to it?

About Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey is an award-winning singer and songwriter who was born Elizabeth Woolridge Grant. Del Rey, like cigarettes and Chanel No. 5, is remembered as the individual who single-handedly made The Great Gatsby-themed parties more substantial.

Her music generates a sense of melancholy that is reminiscent of the technicolor of mid-century Americana cinema. With our present pop sensibilities, they are, however, easy to dance to. Her music is, without a doubt, a one-of-a-kind force in the music industry. Her ability to span three full octaves has been praised by critics. More than only her vocals have changed, according to her fans.

Lana Del Rey Weight Gain

Lana Del Rey weight gain
Source: Reddit

Since she began her profession a decade ago, her fans have noticed her weight gain. Unfortunately, in recent years, Del Rey has been the target of body shaming and fatphobia. While there had been some talk about it for a few years, the majority of it happened in the year 2020. During the COVID-19 epidemic, Del Rey gained ‘quarantine weight’ and a few pounds.

As a result, she received a lot of body shaming on social media and in tabloids. The Daily Mail revealed paparazzi photographs of the musician departing a 7/11 on July 29, 2020. Denim shorts, a polo shirt, sunglasses, a cap, a mask, white sneakers, and a brown purse completed her ensemble.

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Many users slammed the story in the comments section. “Lana Del Porkchop,” “A linebacker,” and “shaped like a fridge,” they called her. Another chided her for being in the “fat Jim Morrison phase,” while others told her to “cover up those thighs.” The majority of the comments, though, were about her being body-shamed.

Del Rey was supported by Reddit user u/miaisobella, who pointed out that she used to be anorexic and that people should be grateful that this is no longer the case. When she appeared skinnier than usual in 2010 and 2011, many of her followers were alarmed.

Another Reddit user u/Confident_Plan_2707 explained that Lana was never a fan of healthy eating. She was a vegetarian before and used to do drugs. The pasta was always her favorite food, but on a vegetarian diet, it’s pretty easy being skinny and eating pasta almost every day. She stopped being a vegetarian, but she still eats pasta every day according to an interview and by her meal pics, she doesn’t eat healthily at all.

She’s always having burgers, pizza, milkshakes, and other kinds of trash food. It’s normal to gain weight when you feed your body with this kind of food.

Del Rey hasn’t claimed that she was anorexic, but she did mention it in her unreleased song “Boarding School.” The song is a satire on the American mentality of celebrating boarding school culture.

The opening lyric of ‘Boarding School’ discusses eating problems. “I’m a fan of the pro-ana nation, I use the pills to halt the f-food cravings,” the lyrics continue, hinting that Del Rey was suffering from anorexia, drug addiction, and an eating problem.

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How Twittersphere reacted

Twitter has grown in popularity as a way for people to express themselves. It has, however, been used to bully celebrities for various causes.

Del Rey has been chastised for her racist words and tone-deaf behavior. Her weight fluctuations, however, have resulted in her being bullied and body shamed on a regular basis. Regardless, many fans have defended the artist in this situation.


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