Madison LeCroy Weight Loss Techniques Were Slammed

Madison LeCroy is reality TV’s resident fitness freak, admitting to being fascinated with it on several occasions. The Southern Charm star most recently made headlines for committing to a 30-day clean-eating diet in 2021, albeit this was not strictly for weight loss.

Starting the New Year on a Positive Note

On New Year’s Day, LeCroy started her Whole30 journey on Instagram with a mirror selfie from the gym. “It was the first day. There will be no alcohol, carbohydrates, or sweets in the diet. There are only 29 days before the end of the year.” She was the one who captioned the highlight.

Her fridge was empty in the next snap, indicating that she was “beginning from scratch.” The fridge was then packed with nutritious things like eggs, greens, veggies, and fruits, which allowed her to stick to her natural carb and sugar intake while avoiding the artificial stuff. She also demonstrated how she usually eats lunch and dinner. Tuna on a bed of lettuce served as a protein, and lemon chicken with broccoli served as a side dish.

Madison LeCroy’s weight-loss techniques have been slammed

Despite the fact that her diet shift was supposed to lead to a healthier lifestyle, netizens were dissatisfied with her choice. LeCroy later said that as a result of her decision, she had gotten a considerable amount of critical messages on her Instagram account.

She went on to clarify that she wasn’t going to eliminate all carbs and sugars from her diet. Instead, she altered her diet to eliminate artificial sugars and carbohydrates such as milkshakes, slice bread, and even sandwiches. She was also scolded for drinking from a plastic bottle.

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She also revealed that she went to bed early to avoid cravings for junk foods and shared images of her nutritious meals later in the same sequence.

Weight loss Diet

Dieting was not as straightforward as the reality star made it appear on social media, she subsequently revealed to Bravo Insider. It’s been an uphill battle without a doubt. I alternate between the two. I’m fine for a week, then I’m terrible for another week.

She was able to maintain her food regimen on a regular basis. She began drinking juice first thing in the morning as a habit. Despite the fact that there was no clear and fast rule, she regularly used celery juice to treat her skin.

Apart from that, she didn’t eat on a regular basis. She admits to eating whatever she could get her hands on as long as she was aware of what she was doing. The diet was, of course, only one part of the narrative. Her workouts were also taken extremely seriously by the reality star.

According to Bravo, LeCroy tried to exercise at least four times per week, and the sessions were almost therapeutic for him. Her competitive personality encouraged her to do more than she would on her own, therefore she regularly attended group lessons.

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