Monica Belluci and The Secrets To Her Everlasting Beauty

Considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, that label still hangs around Monica Bellucci’s neck with no expiration date. Muse of Dolce&Gabbana Beauty, the actress defends an evolutionary concept of beauty that is not based on the years or the features of the person but on life experience to see it from another perspective.

Monica Belluci, this summer at the Taormina film festival


The end of September is a date marked on her ID. She meets a new spring (fall in her case) but she doesn’t care. Monica Bellucci is not one of those women who is given an aesthetic epithet based on her date of birth.

She has always been considered one of the most beautiful women among celebrities from all over the world and her secret is none other than to give full power to naturalness. It is true that her genetics is grateful, but really the most important thing is her way of understanding what is beautiful and what is not and how ephemeral that concept is from the classical perspective.

“I think that little by little losing thebiological beauty of youth gives us the possibility of looking at life from another perspective. Perhaps we can call that the privilege of experience and maturity,” he commented at the presentation of the latest news from Dolce&Gabbana in its beauty line, a brand to which it lends its image and with which it maintains a magnificent relationship.

Since she first participated in one of her fashion shows, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have become more than just regular sponsors of the Italian actress. What began as a business relationship based on common interests, has ended up being a great friendship with years of experience and continuous collaborations.

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In 2019, she once again became the brand’s beauty muse along with seven other women: Bianca Balti, Chiara Scelsi, Giulia Maneza, Catherine Loewe, Manuela S├ínchez, Joony Kim and Lily Jean Harvey, a diverse group of women who value (once again) diversity within the cosmetics industry. “When talking about beauty, we have to think more about charisma, an indefinable energy. Beauty in women today
is evidence of their growing confidence and self-esteem,” says Monica Bellucci.

Bet on Naturalness

If she could choose to focus her makeup on a single area, Bellucci gets her eyes. Although her daily makeup is quite simple: light foundation, mascara, a little lipstick in a neutral tone and a touch of blush. A basic but effective formula because it always highlights her natural beauty, something that she takes care of only for her own well-being because she says it is the best beauty trick she has ever acquired: “I learned from the women in my family that we have the right to be beautiful only to please ourselves.”

But apart from her piercing gaze, another of her most striking features is her full lips. To avoid dryness, she tries to give them as much hydration as possible, always looking for light formulas, such as The Only One lipstick. Every day she uses neutral tones, but she is passionate about red for special moments: “I have to be in a particular mood because the red really catches the eye.” Go for the natural even with her nail polish.

She takes care of herself, but she spends just enough time with her because, like many others, she has a multitude of fronts to tackle. “Nowadays women are all queens, in a way, because we’re pulled in so many different directions. We’re women, we’re mothers, we’re workers, and in all those eclectic situations we have to find our balance and it’s not always easy.” For this reason, in many of her interviews it is common to read phrases that encourage each woman to understand her own essence and within her, her beauty. She has never adhered to the canons that classify women and she flatly refuses to label her based on age.

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“Each woman decides what age means to her.” That is why today, although it is easy to find out, this article is not going to indicate how old she is. Because an example of evolutionary beauty like her does not come from her birth certificate, but from her lifestyle and her concept of well-being.

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