Who is The Narrator in The Tender Bar Movie ?

The Tender Bar, premiered this week on Amazon Prime. This movie is directed by none other than popular actor, director, and producer George Clooney.

The movie is more or less based on the real-life memoir of journalist J.R. Moehringer.In 2001, Moehringer won the Pulitzer Prize for newspaper feature writing.

In The Tender Bar, Daniel Ranieri plays a young J.R. Moehringer and Tye Sheridan takes over the adult J.R. Moehringer.

Narrator of The Tender Bar

Aside from Daniel Ranieri and Tye Sheridan, there is one more actor involved in the role of elder J.R. He narrates the story as an older J.R. looking back at his experiences and memories that are reflected. This narration is done by Ron Livingston.

Ron Livingston
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The talented actor is best known for his performance as Peter Gibbons in Mike Judge’s 1999 cult comedy Office Space. Additionally, he has also played memorable roles in the 1996 film Swingers, mini-series- Band of Brothers, and Broadwalk Empire.

J.R. Moehringer Pulitzer Prize 2001

J.R. Moehringer 2000 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing
Source: Pulitzer

The Pulitzer Prize is an award for achievement in American journalism, literature, or music. Thirteen of these are made each year.

These prizes were named after Joseph Pulitzer was the first to call for the training of journalists at the university level in a school of journalism.

In 2001, J.R. Moehringer won the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing.

The Tender Bar Filming Locations

While the Tender Bar takes place in Long Island, New York the movie was mainly filmed around Massachusetts. The scene, including the fictional bar (also known as The Dickens), where much of the film takes place, was actually shot in Beverly, a suburb of Boston.

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Another major location, the Central Family Home, is actually near South Shore Plaza in Braintree, Massachusetts. On top of that, some of the scenes were also shot around The Greater Boston Metropolitan area.






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