Why the Paparazzi were desperate to show Britney Spears wasn’t pregnant ?

It was the period in 2008 when paparazzi decided that they would prove Britney Spears wasn’t pregnant when rumors regarding her pregnancy were spreading.

During that time, the agencies made a lot of money selling Britney’s pictures to the media. Pictures of her screaming, hitting someone went for a lot of money whereas some of the other pictures like her upskirts would go for millions of dollars.

Paparazzi Journey To Show Britney Spears Wasn’t Pregnant

It was clear that the paparazzi could earn big money if they could gather images that Britney Spears wasn’t pregnant. The action got so bad that the paparazzo Nick Stern who had been on Spears duty decided to quit only after a week.

In an interview with Glamour Magazine, Stern revealed about the incident and how bad it was for Spears.

He quoted “You would get to her house early morning at first light, up on Mulholland Drive and invariably there’d already be a large number of photographers already up there. Then you’d sit there until her white convertible Mercedes appeared and as soon as the first person spotted that car, all hell was let loose. It was a high-speed pursuit along Mulholland, you were driving bumper-to-bumper with the car in front at speeds that were incredibly dangerous. Mulholland is a long, windy clifftop road and you were driving watching the tail lights of the car in front of you. I saw cars tail end each other because they just didn’t stop fast enough.’

Britney Spears Surrounded By Paparazzi

Here is an image that shows how Britney used to be surrounded by dozens of photographers surrounding her to get pics. Despite knowing that Britney Spears was in the middle of a serious mental break down paparazzi didn’t back off as the pictures were very valuable.

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Briteny Spears being surrounded by paparazzi

Reports indicate that agencies were earning hundreds of thousands with Britney’s pictures and the price even went as high as 1 million dollars.




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