Is Sinead O’connor Muslim ? What About Her Children ?

Sinead O’Connor aka Shuhada Sadaqat is an Irish singer mostly known for her single ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ which was released in the 90s.

She was born on December 8, 1966, in Dublin County, Ireland.

Is Sinead O’Connor a Muslim?

Sinead O'Connor
Source: BBC

Sinead O’Connor converted to Islam in 2018. Initially, she used to be part of a Catholic Church and used to walk around in a priestly collar.

“This is to announce that I am proud to have become a Muslim. This is the natural conclusion of any intelligent theologian’s journey. All scripture study leads to Islam. Which makes all other scriptures redundant. I will be given (another) new name. It will be Shuhada’,” Sine…sorry, she had tweeted.

‘The word revert refers to the idea that were you to study the Qu’ran, you would realise you were a Muslim all your life and you didn’t realise it. That’s what happened to me. I’m 52, I grew up in a very different Ireland than the one that exists now. It was a very oppressed country, religiously speaking. Everybody was miserable, nobody was getting any joy in God’ Sinead told the host Ryan Tubridy as per Metro.

Is Sinead O’Connor married?

Sinead O’Connor first married Grammy winner John Reynolds in 1987. They had a son Jake. Reynolds had also helped her produce 5 of her 10 albums.

Her second marriage had been with Nick Sommerlad who is a journalist. The couple had started dating in February 2001 and got married later in 2004. The wedding took place in Anglesea, Wales, where Sommerlad’s family lives.

Sinead O’Connor and Nick Sommerlad then got divorced later  in the same year. After the second divorce with husband Nick Sommerlad, O’Connor had decided she would never marry again. But she did.

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Her third marriage was with Steve Cooney in July, 2010. The two had first met in the 1980’s when Cooney was hired to play guitar in her backing band.

Later in 2004, she got married again to Barry Herridge in Las Vegas. They eventually broke up later.

Sinead O’Connor Children

Sinead O’Connor had four children with different relationships. Her children are Jake Reynolds, Roisin Waters, Shane O’Connor, and Yeshua Bonadio.

Sinead-OConnor children
Source: Mirror Uk

Her first child Jake was with Jake Reynolds, Roisin with journalist John Waters, Shane with musician Dónal Lunny and Yeshua with Frank Bonadio. 

There is not much information available on whether her children are Muslim as well but we assume it is only Sinead who has converted to Islam.

Unfortunately, On January 7, 2022 Sinead O’Connor announced that her son Jake had been found dead after being missing for two days.




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