Why Doesn’t Marvel Buy DC entirely ?

Marvel with its enormous success in terms of its movies has a lot of money that it can just buy DC. If you think so then there are a few things you need to take into account before passing the verdict.

Warner Bros Considered Buying DC Comics

In 1984, Warner Bros considered buying the DC comics entirely and licensing the characters to Marvel. This action could have given Marvel the rights to DC’s biggest superheroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and so on. But this deal didn’t go through as Marvel wasn’t impressed with the performance of DC and blamed it on the characters.

DC Considered Buying Marvel At One Point

Ten years later, the tables had turned and DC almost bought Marvel when it was on the verge of bankruptcy. During that time, Jim Lee was in talks to buy Marvel but it didn’t happen.

Why doesn’t Marvel buy DC?

DC is owned by Warner Bros and Marvel is owned by Disney. Warner Bros and Disney are huge companies and are worth billions. Both have lucrative products which they sell in the form of entertainment, merchandise, and licensing rights. Both of them make a lot of money through not only comics or movies but also with their other TV shows and different cinematic universes.

Even if one company wanted to buy out the other then they would just have to pay a huge sum of money. A sum so large that none of the two parties might think is a good deal for them.

With both Marvel and DC making good money for the studios and the companies they are owned by, there is no reason that they should compete with one another. Ultimately, there is no interest as both franchises are doing very well and do not have any incentive to either sell their brand or to buy out the competition.

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Besides, one company owning the rights to the entire comic book universe would not be good for the fans as well.


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