Is Zendaya A Vegetarian ? What Is Her Meal Plan And Workout Routine ?

As per TheBeet, Zendaya is a vegetarian since the age of nine and is a vegetarian fast food expert.

In this article, we will talk more about Zendaya’s meal plans and workout routine.

Zendaya Meal Plans and Diet

Zendaya’s diet consists primarily of vegetables and fruits because she is a vegetarian, not a vegan, but a vegetarian who does not eat a lot of meat but consumes some dairy and animal products.

Zendaya Diet Includes

Breakfast Meal

  • Fruits
  • Pancakes
  • Nutella

Lunch Meal

  • Rice salad
  • If she’s not at home then she just orders anything like ramen or any other snacks


  • Fruits
  • Juice
  • Nuts

Dinner Meal 

  • Salad
  • Veggies
  • Ice-cream

Zendaya Workout Routine

So when she was a teenager, she didn’t care for doing a lot of workouts; in fact, she told me that she detested going to the gym and that her workout consisted of her usual dancing routine.

Now that she’s grown up and has a lot of big movie roles, she’s started to take her fitness to the next level and has even begun to enjoy going to the gym. Yoga, Pilates, and even hiking are some of the other things she likes to incorporate into her workout routine.

Zendaya’s Workout consists of


The main exercise in Zendaya’s workout routine is dancing. As we all know, she was a backup dancer since she was a child, which explains why she has always loved dancing and how it keeps her moving and fit.

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So she prefers to dance and perform live for her cardio in her workout routine. Zendaya has a dance session almost every day, and her routine usually lasts an hour or two. Below is more information about Zendaya’s workout.

Zendaya Weight Training

Weight training isn’t something she does every day, but she enjoys including it in her weekly workout routine. Zendaya only works out for 3 to 4 days before a movie to tone her muscles.

Zendaya performs a variety of exercises divided into upper-body, lower-body, and abdominal routines over the course of three days. As a result, Zendaya primarily focuses on functional exercises such as deadlifts and other similar exercises. She also enjoys doing planks with medicine balls, which you may have seen her doing in some of the videos.


Zendaya enjoys doing yoga on occasion and tries to include it in her weekly routine at least three times. She does a total-body yoga workout that tones and tones all of the muscles in her body. Zendaya’s yoga and dancing workouts help her maintain her fitness and flexibility.


Hiking Zendaya also mentioned that she enjoys going for a hike with friends or family in the Los Angeles hills when she is not busy or has nothing planned.

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