7 Movies Like 365 On Netflix You Can Watch

365 Days originally known as 365 DNI is an Polish/Italian romantic- crime thriller and it made its way to Polish cinemas way back in Feb, 2020. However, right after its unveiling on Netflix it has topped all charts and even broke several records despite not being that critically acclaimed. The real reason Netflix audiences are giving this new intense movie so much love is due to its solid appeal which isn’t just about usual romance/bdsm stuff but much more than that.

This movie shows that love at first sight can go to unimagined levels which is portrayed superbly in this movie with matching intensity of characters. As the story continues we get introduced to following events as they take place per storyline but one thing that remains unchanged is the bond between both leads and that’s a sufficient factor to give it a good one time watch.

If you enjoyed this movie, then here are 7 movies like 365 days you can watch on Netflix:

Don Jon


Levitt in a tactful way manages to show us the real meaning of love and help us understand the difference between porn and real sex. He makes us understand that the whole thing is not symbiotic but more about a two-way needs thing. There are other deep-lying messages too. Unlike other fun Rom-coms, it’s more than a rom-com, also a movie that connects reality with the movie. Yeah, surely things may have been a bit exaggerated, but, it also has an astounding and subtle connection with our lives too.

It’s more than just how porn is raising our expectation to an unrealistic level, it’s more than a movie which shows what real love is ( the emotional connection ). It portrays the lives of middle-class people who’ve not been so fortunate to gain much education, the addiction of people to social media, integrity, and the deep faith of churchgoers in God which is why Jon would every week think he has washed away with his sins and is good enough to start another cycle, and several other things, whether knowingly or subconsciously, the director has wonderfully portrayed a great message.

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The Girl Next Door


Another movie about romance, sex and education is  The Girl Next Door. It is one of those nostalgic movies that takes you back. While the entire movie revolves around the curiosity regarding sex students and them meeting with the professionals in this field, it also has a nice romantic story in between.

Elisha Cuthbert was perfect for the role of Danielle, a girl who was a pornstar but want to have a new life and real love, she just nailed it. In some scenes her eyes can tell the whole story without even one dialogue. and Emile Hirsch was also very good in his role as Matthew.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey 2

Fifty Shades of Grey is a movie that truly disclosed the fact about human beings’ natural sense. Grey consists of black and white. Extremely, fifty to fifty, which is the strongest but weakest at meanwhile. I recognize this pattern as the way things run, according to Tai Ji, the great ultimate.

Extreme gives Christian the strongest ability of control. And control always deals with balancing, thus calmness. If you watched carefully, Christian was so calm in every scene. Like what he said, that’s his way of living. The best ways to make one calm are varied. However, they all could be sorted into two categories, pain, and joy. (Balancing them into calm, or feel them be alive.)

The punishment he gave to Anna, the six lashes, was not only to her but more to himself, because he truly loved her. You can only find his disorganized breathing during those lashes in the whole movie. He loves Anna but uses her as a source of pain at the same time. Pain makes him feel safe.

This type of human usually has a different childhood. And what happened in the movie was more than BDSM but abnormal love. So I would say this is an amazing movie which exposed both sides of humanity in some ways.

Cruel Intentions


Cruel Intentions might be the trashiest film ever made and thus, probably the most wildly entertaining too. Somehow the evil of its main characters seems to surpass those of the worst villains in the history of tv/film and yet you can’t stop watching. The plot is juicy and scandalous and unravels at just the right the pace; a very, very attractive cast consisting of Sarah Michelle Geller, Ryan Phillipe and Reese Witherspoon helps.

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I tip my hat to Richard Gere and Diane Lane for a marvelous role they played.Of all the movies in your wish list, this is the one that would scorch your conscience the most. While many would not have imagined of a happily married woman with a son and a lovely home to go astray in our society, the movie is an accurate reflection of how fleeting flirtations can run amok one’s marriage.

While she flirts with the French book dealer, the dealer flirts with death. Living the double life is short-lived, and all heartaches could have been averted if the couple had openly shared their hearts and minds with one another. If people in real life stop and think about their actions and consequences, the results would be different. The promises of promiscuity are many and they will all be broken.

The Boy Next Door


The Boy Next Door delivers enough with it’s premise and the drama of the film is a scary bit with good suprises and JLo puts up a good fight as Claire. I really like the character of Noah, he’s like Ma that Blumhouse did later, and things do get quite disturbing.

The story entails a sensitive issue and it could have been more appealing if we could have watched a middle aged woman’s real and grounded dilemma and complications in relationships resulting from an affair with a younger man.


Milf 2018 movie

An extremely light hearted film about holiday romances, regardless of your age ! Basically, it portrays that there are nice AND awful guys in any age bracket and that some men really are ready to commit and some will forever remain a Manchild. The actresses are brilliant, the psycho, jealous teenager was hilarious, loved the horses and I loved the location in France too. From a purely physical point of view, these women show older ladies that they can maintain their figures, these women are around 50 years old, they look insanely in shape.

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