Top 5 Movies Like Fifty Shades of Grey That You Should Watch

Fifty Shades of Grey is a movie that truly disclosed the fact about human beings’ natural sense. Grey consists of black and white. Extremely, fifty to fifty, which is the strongest but weakest at meanwhile. I recognize this pattern as the way things run, according to Tai Ji, the great ultimate.

Extreme gives Christian the strongest ability of control. And control always deals with balancing, thus calmness. If you watched carefully, Christian was so calm in every scene. Like what he said, that’s his way of living. The best ways to make one calm are varied. However, they all could be sorted into two categories, pain, and joy. (Balancing them into calm, or feel them be alive.)

The punishment he gave to Anna, the six lashes, was not only to her but more to himself, because he truly loved her. You can only find his disorganized breathing during those lashes in the whole movie. He loves Anna but uses her as a source of pain at the same time. Pain makes him feel safe.

This type of human usually has a different childhood. And what happened in the movie was more than BDSM but abnormal love. So I would say this is an amazing movie which exposed both sides of humanity in some ways.

If you like movies about seduction, romance, and sexual fantasy then here are 5 movies like Fifty Shades of Grey:

365 Days

365 Days

365 days movie is like that bad boy whom everyone loves to hate but is secretly obsessed about him. Interestingly it has a similar character in it. You’ll either love it or hate it but definitely cannot ignore it. As for me I neither loved nor hated it but definitely couldn’t ignore it, especially after reading such varied responses. It’s purely fantasy erotica, so please leave all realism behind when you watch. Else u may hate it.

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But if you just want to have a good time pass or unwind yourselves from a hectic day then you may go ahead. But let me warn you that there are some really intense sex scenes (which were a bit exaggerated) so if you are not with the right company then it can get really uncomfortable. Watch it with an open mind, leave your brains behind.

Basic Instinct


A typical example of a “femme fatal thriller”. Sharon Stone shows in this movie that she is an extraordinarily talented actress. Michael Douglas excels too. Some critics claim that movies with many sex scenes often have a thin story, but that’s not the case with Basic Instinct. The dialogues and characters are interesting and the thrill is building up at just the right place.

Basic Instinct provides an insight into the minds of two alcoholic misogynists and possibly homosexual, deviant, rapist personality types who limelight as detectives so as to gratify their pleasurable indulgences. Or, perhaps, their ungodly pursuit of happiness.

No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached

Two broken heart persons who never want to love anyone, after spending some time loved each other.Kutcher and Portman are adorable in roles that will stick with you, believe it or not. There are films that were never made for intensity but never leave you because of scenes and script and people that are just heart warming sugary sweetness.

Natalie Portman tries to breathe fresh air into her character and succeeds to portray someone who comes up with convenient excuses to keep her distance from emotional attachment. Kelvin Kline, who portrays Adam’s dad, is wacky and lovable despite his own grown-up issues. He and Adam have an honest relationship which is touching.

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Friends With Benefits


A nice romantic comedy with rich entertainment acting Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake in lead roles directed by the highly creative director Will Gluck. Jamie Headhunter in New York develops friendship with Dylan at GQ adding sex without any commitment and emotions.During the visit to Los Angels to see Dylan’s father they develop romantic feelings.Though they break for sometime finally their parents play a significant role in reconciling the relationship.The film is fast and glamorous.



A movie for people who like to think and reflect, cheap-thrill seekers will not find any joy in it. With amazing performances, this movie will leave you on the edge of your seat questioning on who to empathize with, while reflecting about temporary pleasure and attraction vs love and family.

Unfaithful is a  suspenseful thriller that brings to the screen the tragedy of a happily married, but impulsive woman whose infidelity creates unfortunate consequences for herself and her family. While it is hard to understand Connie’s choices throughout the film, the audience feels for her as she processes her actions and her feelings of guilt.

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