Everything You Need To Know About Adrianna Costa

Adrianna Costa is an American journalist, television host, and author who is best known for her work on the Emmy Award-winning show Extra. Adrianna has also been a co-host on The Talk, The Today Show and Good Morning America. Adrianna’s rise to fame began in 2003 when she landed a job at Entertainment Tonight as a field correspondent, which eventually led to her becoming the youngest full-time correspondent on the show.

Costa’s Early Life

Adrianna was born in Phoenix, Arizona on May 10th, 1976. She grew up surrounded by the entertainment industry after her father took up work as a film producer at NBC studios in Burbank, California when Adrianna was only five years old. Adrianna attended Chapman University where she studied broadcast journalism and minored in theatre arts. After graduating college Adrianna began to pursue a career in broadcasting with hopes of one day becoming an anchor.

Professional Career

In 2003 Adrianna landed her first job at Entertainment Tonight where she quickly rose through the ranks and became one of their most popular correspondents. In addition to reporting on various high profile celebrities Adrianna also wrote numerous articles for People Magazine and had several other contributing roles with other publications such as Cosmopolitan and Maxim. In 2006 Adrianna joined Extra as their newest correspondent; it was during this time that Adrianna would gain significant media attention due to her coverage of several highly publicized events such as Michael Jackson’s trial for child molestation charges in 2005.

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In 2009 Adrianna made the jump from Extra to join The Talk as co-host alongside Sharon Osbourne, Sara Gilbert and Holly Robinson Peete; Adrianna would remain at The Talk until 2011 when she decided to move back into news broadcasting by joining Good Morning America as a contributor/weekly guest host until 2013 when Adrianna was chosen to join The Today Show family as their newest weekend anchor where she remains today.

Apart from her successful career in broadcasting Adriana has also written two books: “Dare To Be You: Letting Go Of Your Fears And Living An Authentic Life” released in 2007 and “The Shocking Truth About What You Don’t Know About Sugar” released in 2019 which focuses on debunking common myths about sugar consumption and provides readers with healthful alternatives that are just as tasty but healthier for them overall.

Adrianna Costa Family

adrianna costa family


Adrianna is married to Scott Gorelick, with whom she has two children – son Leo and daughter Stella. Adrianna also has two siblings – an older brother named Daniel and a younger sister named Gabriella. Adrianna’s parents are both Venezuelan immigrants, who moved to the United States when Adrianna was a child.

Earnings and Net Worth

Adrianna Costa is estimated to have an impressive net worth of around $2 million dollars thanks largely due to her long standing television hosting gigs combined with book sales from her two published works; however, Adrianna has not disclosed any exact figures publicly so this figure should be taken with a grain of salt until further confirmation is given by either herself or reliable third parties.

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Overall, Adrianna Costa has established herself as one of the premiere hosts within broadcast journalism by providing viewers with accurate information while still delivering it with an upbeat attitude that resonates well with audiences everywhere; giving viewers more than enough reason why they should Tune In whenever they can!

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