Interesting Facts About Caspian Field, Neve Campbell’s son

Caspian Field, Neve Campbell’s son with JJ Field, was born in August of 2012. In March of 2012, Neve’s representative confirmed her pregnancy, however, neither of the parents acknowledged Caspian’s birth after he was delivered. Instead, they both went out with the baby in L.A. quietly.

Caspian Field, Neve Campbell’s kid, is now six years old and has an older sibling. Raynor Field, a baby boy adopted by Neve and her fiance JJ Field, was born a few months ago. The adoption was not made public until June 30th, 2018. The pair had kept their relationship a secret from each other.

Why Did They Name Their Son Caspian Field?

Many people are familiar with the word Caspian, as the Caspian Sea is the world’s largest lake (by surface area). When asked why your son is named Caspain, Neve replied, Because it is unique, the answer was simple.

The 44-year-old actress went on to say that having a distinctive name appealed to her. Her name, Neve, is derived from her mother’s maiden name, which is quite unusual. She thought her name was distinctive, and Neve wanted something similar for her kid. Neve and her partner JJ looked through a lot of literature to come up with a unique name for their son. They didn’t choose it at the time since they were waiting for their son to arrive. After Neve Cambell’s kid was born, the couple could only recall the name Caspian and decided it would be ideal.

You’ll have a hard time finding any recent images of Neve Campbell’s baby Caspian. Neve, like many other celebrity parents, wants to keep her son out of the spotlight. Caspian’s Blonde curly hair is one of his most distinguishing features. Dan Stevens, who has three children with his wife Susie Harriet, also keeps his children out of the spotlight.

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A Caring Senior Sibling

As previously stated, “Party of Five” star Neve revealed that her family has shrunk to four members. And, based on Neve’s caption, we may deduce that Caspian Field is already a caring older brother to Raynor. Caspian Campbell, Neve Campbell’s son, is overjoyed to welcome his younger brother into the family, according to the caption.

Caspian Field
Source: Celebrity biography

The actress Neve Campbell’s son, Neve Campbell, said that she is grateful and valued. Neve now requires the addition of another family member in order to make her family a party of five.

Caspian Field- Name Meaning Caspian is not only the name of the world’s largest lake but also the name of people from Qazvin, Iran. Caspian is also a prince in C.S. Lewis’ famous book Chronicles of Narnia, and Neve Campbell’s kid Caspian looks like a prince.

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