Does K. D. Aubert Have A Boyfriend ? What is She Been Doing These Days ?

Karen Denise Aubert, also known as K.D. Aubert, is an American actress, fashion model, and vocalist. Not only is she career-driven, but she has achieved success in every field she has attempted.

She is professionally successful but fails to deliver the love of her life to her admirers. Is it because of her hectic schedule that she hasn’t found Mr. Right? What is she up to these days, and what plans does she have? Let us gain some perspective on the subject.

Does K.D. Aubert Have A Boyfriend?

For someone who was voted #14 in 2007’s hottest celebrity rankings, it’s hard to believe she’s unmarried. However, K.D Aubert, 43, is single, as she wants to be addressed.

She was previously rumored to be dating a couple of men, although this was never confirmed by her. She collaborated with producer Jeff Bowler, rapper Nas, and Lloyd Polite, Jr.

K.D remained mute throughout the rumors, preserving her privacy with the exception of the one involving Lloyd. To put an end to the rumor, she responded to a tweet as follows: “Because K.D has not commented on her first two relationships, thoughts regarding the rumor can be held in check.”

Despite her relationships, she was unable to marry one of them. Her followers are eager to hear from her about her current relationship, as it is currently unknown who will be the lucky guy to be named KD’s spouse and father of her children.

K.D. Aubert Ethnicity

Karen Denise Aubert was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, and has American-African ancestry. She was up in Los Angeles and earned a bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University.

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K.D. began her modeling career in 2001 with L.A Models. K.D began her career as a runway model overseas before transitioning to print modeling with Elite Models.

She later worked as a model for Escada, Noxzema, AT&T, Wilson’s Leather, Victoria’s Secret, and Fredrick’s of Hollywood. Aubert was chosen fourth among the top ten most beautiful Victoria’s Secret models of all time in 2007, ahead of Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum.

Aubert scored her first important part in the cult classic Friday After Next during her tenure as co-host of MTV’s Kidnapped with Dave Holmes.

Aubert was nominated for the Africa Academy Movie Award (AAMA) for her role in the film Turning Point, which she won. Additionally, she has received several other AAMA honors. She was also said to have an interest in music, as she was observed in Jamaica exploring it.

Additionally, she stated to Flare,

“Music is something that I am passionate about. I just never had the proper professionals around me that took it to the next level. I can be funny, dramatic, and is still able to pull off all these roles, plus write music. Many persons are wondering why I am in Jamaica doing music. As a black woman in Hollywood, we are really not supposed to be there. You would have to be a Hanna Montana, so I am making the best of the opportunity.”

She shares a cold demeanor that she may have inherited from her parents.

In terms of her current work, she is currently working on the second season of TLC’s ‘Too close to home’ television show.

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