Meet Red Foxx’s 4th Wife And Second Korean Spouse Ka Ho Cho

Ka Ho Cho is Red Foxx’s 4th wife. Foxx is an American actor and standup comedian who is well known for his roles in Sanford and Sons, Harlem Knights, Cotton Comes to Harlem, and All The Fine Young Cannibals.

Cho was born in Seoul South Korea and later went on to Marry Red Foxx in Las Vegas.

In this article, we will talk more about Fox’s wife Ka Ho Cho in detail.

Ka Ho Cho Marriage With Red Foxx

Kal Ho Cho was married to John Elroy Sanford, professionally known as Redd Foxx an American actor and stand-up comedian.

The couple met each other after two years of Foxx’s third divorce with Yun Chi Chung at Bally’s Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Then, after dating for several years, they tied their knot in 1991, at Little Church of the West in Las Vegas with a reception party at the Hacienda Hotel.

Unfortunately, after three months of their marriage on October 11, 1991, Foxx’s died. When Foxx took a break from his rehearsal while filming The Royal Family series, he suffered a heart attack on the set and died afterward.

Red Foxx Debt

In 1983, Foxx claimed himself as being bankruptcy which proceedings continued through 1989. After claiming his bankruptcy he was continuing with his work until his death on October 11, 1991, after suffering from a heart attack in the set of Sanford and Son. At the time of Foxx’s death, he was still under a debt of $3.6 million in taxes.

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Foxx’s Wives

As Cho is the fourth wife of Foxx, he has been married three times before marrying Cho. In 1948, he married Evelyn Killebrew his first wife and remained married for over three years, and got divorced in 1951.

Again after five years of divorce, Foxx married his second wife Betty Jean Harris a showgirl and dancer in 1956 and gave birth to a daughter Debraca Denise. Their marriage lasted for nineteen years and ended in 1975.

Source: Comedians Biography

Foxx’s third marriage was also with a Korean girl named Yun Chi Chung a cocktail waitress in 1976 but things didn’t work out between them as well, which led the former pair to end their marriage in 1981.

Red Foxx net worth

Red Foxx and Debraca Denise
Source: Glamour Path

After Foxx’s death, he had nothing on his will that could be divided into his family as he had a $-3.5 million debt.

Foxx’s only daughter Debraca Denise was titled with Redd’s estate which became the starting point of a quarrel between Debraca and her stepmother Ka Ho Cho. Kaho felt like she should be the charge of her husband’s finances.

After a while, when Debraca started handling Foxx’s finances, Cho accused her of being irresponsible with Red’s money and claimed Debraca used Foxx’s money for herself instead of settling Foxx’s debts.

Who Paid For Red Foxx’s Funeral?

Because Red Foxx died so poor, it was Eddie Murphy who stepped up and paid for Red Foxx’s Funeral and Headstone. Murphy and Foxx shared a beautiful friendship.

Ka Ho Cho Social Media

Ka Ho Cho is not active on any social media platforms. She likes to keep a low profile.

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