Who is Maggie Hale ? The Sister of Lucy Hale

Maggie Hale is well-known as the sister of Lucy Hale, a celebrity. Lucy Hale is a Pretty Little Liars actress.

Maggie Hale Bio and Early Life

Maggie Hale childhood

Maggie Hale was born in Memphis, Tennessee on August 8, 1987. She is the family’s eldest daughter. Preston Hale is her father’s name.

Likewise, her mother is Julie Knight, a registered nurse. She has a lovely younger sister named Lucy Hale, who is an actress on Pretty Little Liars. Maggie has a stepsister named Kirby as well.

Maggie Hale is an American citizen. Additionally, her zodiac sign, or sun sign, is Leo, and she is of mixed ethnic origin. Apart from these, there is no information about her birth or academic background.

However, when it comes to her sister Lucy, her parents enrolled her in homeschooling at a young age. Lucy has also studied acting and singing since she was a child.

Height And Weight

Maggie has withheld information about her height and weight, shoe size, and other personal details. She does, however, have blonde-brown hair and brown eyes.


Maggie Hale is an Interior Designer and Stylist. She is well-known for her appealing style, which incorporates both contemporary and vintage pieces. She is a firm believer that having a home you adore contributes to overall happiness and productivity. Though there is little information about her career, she does have an Instagram page for her business (@maggieclarkeinteriors).

Maggie uses her business account to share information about interior design and other topics. She discusses her interior design process in detail, including color combinations, tones, and so on. Additionally, she mentions a linktree website in her Instagram bio. On the website, we can find various options such as Apartment Therapy Feature, At Home Magazine, and SYLVANIA Natural Series.

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Maggie Hale Net Worth

Maggie Hale undoubtedly earns a respectable living throughout her career. Maggie, on the other hand, has not disclosed her net worth. Lucy Hale’s net worth is estimated to be around $6 million, and she appears to be living a happy life.

Maggie Hale Married Life

Maggie Hale children

Maggie Hale is married to Lewis Clarke and is straight. There is scant information available about her marital status. Maggie and Lewis, on the other hand, have three children, according to her social media accounts. Julia Glenys and Mary Lucille (Lula) Clarke are their daughters, and Oliver Lewis Clarke is their son.

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