What is Noah Gray-Cabey’s ethnicity ? Who are his parents ?

Noah Gray-Cobey, best known for his role as Franklin in the TV series My Wife and Kids, has a lovely family life away from the camera. Noah comes from a musical family, so acting isn’t the only talent that has endeared him to his followers; his music is also excellent.

Noah Gray-Cobey Parents

Noah Gray-Cabey parents
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Noah Gray-Cobey’s parents have passed more than just their genes to him. They have also gifted him their musical senses. Gray-Cabey, a pianist who has had it all around him since he was a toddler, has made a name for himself.

The Harvard University graduate was reared by musical parents, Whitney Gray of European ancestry and Shawn Cabey of African-American ancestry.

The fourth son of the family inherited more than simply his parents’ mixed race. He’s been playing the piano since he was four, and he’s gotten really good at it since then. He was already performing on many occasions at such a young age, including the orchestra at the Sydney Opera House.

With his family by his side, he embarked on his first tour in Jamaica. The next year, Noah toured Australia, and by the age of five, he had left his mark as the youngest soloist to perform with an orchestra at Sydney Opera House.

He released a CD with his family and has been juggling both his musical and acting professions. Certainly, his parents’ love and support are important factors in his achievement.

Noah’s ultimate interest has been music, which has also served as a unifying aspect for the family. Even his siblings are musicians, with their hands on various instruments.

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Their oldest son, Nick, is sixteen years old and plays the viola; their second son, Zack, is thirteen years old and plays the cello; and their twelve-year-old Bryanna plays the violin with Noah on the piano while their mother, Whitney, runs the show.




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