Who is Alex Cooper’s Boyfriend ? Is It Mr Sexy Zoom Man ?

Since Alexandra “Alex” Cooper presented him as her new boyfriend on her renowned Call Me Daddy podcast circa 2020, Mr. Sexy Zoom Man has been a mystery looming over the internet.

Cooper has repeatedly bragged about her romantic life since the first time she mentioned him, but she has never revealed the identity of her companion.

Instead, she has always gone by the moniker Mr. Sexy Zoom Man, which is characteristic of the podcaster who refers to her ex-boyfriends by code names like Red Sox, Door #3, and Slim Shady.

But the more Cooper keeps her personal life hidden, the more her fans discover out how to solve the jigsaw, and they’ve already worked out who the man behind the Zoom moniker is.

Who is Mr. Sexy Zoom Man? Is he Alex Cooper’s Boyfriend?

Matt Kaplan Mr. Sexy Zoom Man

Mr. Sexy Zoom Man is rumored to be none other than the famous Matthew Kaplan, also known as Matt Kaplan. The hypotheses are based on two major elements.

To begin with, the celebrity host explained that her partner is a film producer. What’s more, guess what? Kaplan is also a filmmaker, having worked on films such as Time Cut, Body Cam, Versus, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, and Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Henry, Matt Kaplan, and Alex Cooper’s dog revealed everything. Mr. Sexy Zoom Man’s dog, Henry, is the second major clue. Cooper has introduced the puppy on her show and has highlighted him on her social media pages.

That’s not all, though. Cooper even caused a stir in June 2021 when he licked the dog’s tongue. But, squabbles aside, the intriguing element is that Henry is related to Kaplan in a significant way.

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Ace Entertainment shared a photo of Henry on Twitter in February 2021, revealing that it was Matt Kaplan’s dog. Henry was also mentioned in Kaplan’s film To All the Boys, according to the update.

Clearly, the Henry in the post and the Henry Cooper introduced as her boyfriend’s pet on her social media pages are the same person. Despite the overwhelming evidence, no definitive conclusions about Cooper’s new lover can be formed unless she or her partner, possibly Kaplan, breaks the silence on the subject.

Kaplan has been married to Alexandra Cooper since February 3, 2021, according to Kaplan’s IMDb biography, which also happens to be the day Cooper tweeted that she had a boyfriend for real.

What does Mr. Sexy Zoom Man mean?

Alex Cooper Zoom call
Source: HITC

Cooper has a good explanation for her boyfriend’s name, “Sexy Zoom Man.” According to her accounts, she met her business partner for the first time on Zoom during the pandemic. Right now, the 27-year-old is enamored with his charisma. Soon after, the two met for dinner in her boyfriend’s hometown of Los Angeles and hit it off right away.

Cooper acknowledged in a July 2021 interview with Bustle that her current beau was significantly better than the rest of her ex-boyfriends. The Boston University alum went on to say that he accepted her professional choice and understood why she needed privacy, which had been an issue in all of her past relationships.

She also stated that she would continue to discuss their relationship on her podcast while attempting to remain anonymous as long as possible. “It’s fascinating,” she remarked towards the conclusion of the discussion.

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Alex Cooper and Logan Paul

On April 2021 in an episode of BFFs with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards, Cooper admitted that she and Paul had indeed hooked up.

“About a year ago I sucked someone’s penis,” she said in her signature matter-of-fact style. “Just one time, went in there, it was for a business meeting. It gets me in the mood to make deals.”

“So I hooked up with this guy and then Harry tells me that he is running his mouth around L.A. telling people that we hooked up and I thought that we had this secret that we were gonna keep forever,” she continued. “Like we weren’t gonna tell anyone. We weren’t gonna tell anyone and Logan Paul is really bad at keeping a secret… we didn’t have sex it was a one-time thing.”

“First off, Alex is awesome, right,” he said on his podcast. “She’s a great girl. We hung out, spent some time together, she was great. The opportunity presented itself.”

“My issue with it was this. She went on the podcast and said, ‘Logan Paul can’t keep a secret.’ And in my mind I’m like, dude, I told one close friend. And you just told the whole internet. And now I’m telling them again.”

He continued, “I even texted her and was like, ‘Hey, are we good? Did that offend- was I supposed to lock that in a vault forever?’ How can I?”

To make matters more complicated, Jowsey told Paul he didn’t relay the story the way Cooper claims. Talk about a messy game of telephone.

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