A Look At Brandon Marshall and His Wife Michi’s Marriage

Former football wide receiver Brandon Marshall and his wife Michi Nogami-Campbell celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary in April 2021. On April 1, 2010, the couple married and have been together ever since.

Having said that, their relationship had its ups and downs in the beginning. Here’s what went wrong and how the couple dealt with the difficulties.

Wife and Marshall Had a Difficult Start in Your Relationship

At the University of Central Florida, Marshall and Nogami met. Despite the fact that they attended the same university, the pair only met at a student union. And at first sight, the former NFL player was head over heels in love with Nogami.

Marshall had confidently stated to his friend before approaching the booklover, “She’s going to be my wife.” Following their brief encounter, the two became friends and began dating shortly thereafter.

They did, however, break up after dating for a semester. Then, two years later, Nogami ran across Marshall at a mutual friend’s nail salon. She discovered that he was still chatting about her whenever he had the opportunity.

She called him right away, and the two reunited. The forensic behavioral specialist then quit her work and relocated to Denver with her partner. The sportsman then proposed to his muse in front of her family in February 2009. However, just weeks after the engagement, a police officer in Atlanta, Georgia, accused Marshall of disorderly behavior.

Before things became physical, the two were having an “intense conversation” outside Marshall’s residence. The two got physical after that, fighting, kicking, and hitting each other.

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The allegations against Marshall were later dismissed, and he was released on a $300 bond.

Marshall was stabbed by Nogami in 2011.

Marshall and Nogami married on April 1, 2010, in Miami, Florida, a year after the ordeal. After the wedding, everything looked to be going well in their relationship. On April 23, 2011, however, the stunning news of Nogami stabbing her husband in the abdomen broke.

Following the incident, the 26-year-old was arrested on a domestic violence allegation of aggravated battery and rushed to an Intensive Care Unit by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. She was eventually released from jail after posting a $7,500 bond.

After further questioning, Nogami admitted to using the kitchen knife in self-defense. However, the former Miami Dolphins wide receiver later claimed that he had fallen on a broken glass vase.

In July 2011, the court dismissed all accusations against Nagomi due to conflicting statements.

Are Marshall and his wife’s parents?

Marshall and his wife have worked out their disagreements and strengthened their marriage, despite previous destructive confrontations. They’ve also accepted children into their families.

Marshall announced on February 5, 2015, that his wife had given birth to twins six weeks prior. He went on to say that his spouse had already regained her pre-baby weight.

Marshall and Nogami, on the other hand, have never uploaded photos of their children on social media. Nogami, on the other hand, has stated in her Instagram bio that she is a mother.

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