Who is Brighton Sharbino Dating ? Does She Have a Boyfriend ?

Brighton Sharbino is one of the most promising young actresses, having already accomplished a great deal at the age of 18. The young singer turned her ambition become reality in a short period of time thanks to her effort and passion for the industry.

With her tragic performance as Lizzie Samuels on the smash-hit AMC TV series The Walking Dead, Sharbino became an international star.

Brighton was also in the spotlight due to her collaboration with YouTuber Ben Azelart. After The Walking Dead star tweeted a picture of the two looking all loved up, rumors about Sharbino and Ben began to circulate. Is it true that they’re still dating? If that isn’t the case, who is her new boyfriend then?

Who is Brighton Sharbino dating currently?

Micah Yamauchi has been Sharbinon’s lover for about a year. By 2020, the two had begun to appear together on their social media accounts, and they are still together.

Sharbino, on the other hand, had previously kept her love life a secret for a long period. We didn’t see her with any male at the time we were reading through her Instagram account. She usually shares photos with her friends and family, including those that are a little more intimate.

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Were Brighton Sharbino and Ben Azelart dating?

Brighton Sharbino and Ben Azelart
Source: Celebsuburb

Brighton was formerly linked to Ben Azelart, a skateboarder who later became a YouTuber. When the actress posted a photo of herself with Ben on Instagram, it sparked speculation about their relationship.

They never said whether or not they had ever been in a relationship. Furthermore, it has been stated that Ben has been seeing Lexi Rivera since 2018.

Ben Azelart, Brighton Sharbino’s supposed boyfriend, is who?

Azelart is a skateboarder with a large online following on YouTube and Instagram. As of 2021, the Kailua Intermediate School graduate’s self-titled YouTube channel had 7.35 million subscribers. In addition, as of 2021, Azelart has 5.7 million Instagram followers. He is also an enthusiastic photographer.

Brighton Sharbino Parents

Brighton Sharbino was born in Flower Mound, Texas, on August 19, 2002. Ron Sharbino (father) and Angela Sarbino (mother) are her parents (mother).

Sharbino is of white ethnicity and maintains an American nationality. She also has a high school diploma. Brighton grew up in an acting family. Brighton has a younger brother, Sawyer Sharbino, and an elder sister, Saxon Sharbino. All of the Sharbino siblings have a passion for performing.

Sawyer, her 14-year-old brother, played a church boy in the film Miracles from Heaven (2016). Saxon Sharbino, a popular actress, rose to prominence with her breakout appearance on the smash Fox series Touch. She received even more praise for her role as Kendra Bowen in the 2015 adaptation of Poltergeist.

She has also appeared in a number of well-known films and television shows. Brighton has a close bond with her parents and siblings. Brighton manages to spend time with her family despite having such a hectic schedule. Just by looking at her Instagram feed, we can see how supportive her family is of one another.

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The actress has a lot of photos with her mother and father, demonstrating their close relationship. Her brother and sister are also very important to her.

Sharbino was a cheerleader until he was six years old. Brighton used to be a cheerleader until she was six years old. She later stopped cheerleading and pursued a career in show business.

Sharbino Is a Puppy Addict

Sharbino likes both dogs and cats. She frequently posts adorable photos of her dogs on Instagram.

More on Brighton Sharbino

Brighton Sharbino will turn 18 in 2021. She stands at a height of 5ft 4in (1.63m).

Brighton Sharbino’s Films and TV Shows: ‘Friday Night Lights’ was her first acting role. In 2008, the young actress received her first acting job on the show Friday Night Lights. Sharbino made an appearance in Barney & Friends a year later. In 2010, the actress played Cammi in the hit Disney series Hannah Montana.

Sharbino went on to star in a number of other critically acclaimed films, including Prime Suspect (2011), The New Normal (2012), and NCIS (2013).

Sharbino in Brighton Other Film and Television Characters

With her appearance as Lizzie Samuels on ‘The Walking Dead,’ Brighton made a name for herself. After portraying Lizzie Samuels on the extremely successful AMC TV series The Walking Down, the actress became a household name among TV viewers. It was a difficult job to play. Nonetheless, the part pushed Brighton’s acting abilities to new heights.

The young woman featured on the show alongside a slew of other notable performers, including Andrew Lincoln and Jon Bernthal.

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Brighton Sharbino as Lizzy
Source: Pinterest

Sharbino has also been in a number of other successful films and television shows. In 2014, she also starred in True Detective and Once Upon a Time.

Law and Order: SVU (2017) and Zoe Valentine (2017) are two of her other TV credits (2019). Sharbino is well known for her roles in films such as Growing Up Smith (2015) and Miracles from Heaver (2015). (2016). In 2017, she starred as Tiffany Hart in the comedy-drama Bitch.

In addition, in 2020, the actress starred as Jojo in the TV series Players.

Sharbino has a YouTube channel

On March 17, 2017, the actress created her own YouTube account. As of 2021, it has 132k customers. She uploads videos with her brother and sister the majority of the time.

Brighton Sharbino net worth

Brighton Sharbinon’s net worth as of 2021 is estimated to be over $500,000. Her movie and television roles have provided her with most of her income.

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