Is Lana Del Rey Married ? Who is She Dating ?

Since so many of Lana Del Rey’s songs focus on the subject of love, romance, and heartbreak, it makes sense that her fans would be so curious about what her actual love life is like in real life. The inspiration behind a lot of Lana’s lyrics comes from the real-life experiences she’s been through in the romance department … even though a lot of those experiences haven’t been the most blissful.

Here’s the breakdown of Lana’s current dating situation.

Is Lana Del Rey dating anyone at the moment?

lana del rey clayton johnson
Lana del Rey and Clayton Johnson

It was super exciting when the world found out in December 2020 that Lana Del Rey was engaged to marry Clayton Johnson, whom she’d reportedly met months earlier on a dating app. He’s a handsome musician from a band called Stereo Skyline.

Unfortunately, the engagement is no longer in motion and the couple has decided to call it quits. According to the Mirror, a source revealed in October 2021, “Lockdown had it struggles and they have sadly gone their separate ways.”

Now that Lana is no longer planning to walk down the aisle to Clayton, it appears she’s single. In September 2021, she deleted all her social media profiles, explaining that she had “so many other interests and other jobs [she’s] doing that require privacy and transparency.” Seeking privacy in the midst of a broken engagement is completely understandable.

What does Lana Del Rey’s dating history look like?

lana del rey sean larkin
Lana del Rey and Sean Larkin



From April 2017 to July 2017, Lana was in a brief relationship with G-Eazy. The relationship didn’t last too long, so it shouldn’t have been that big of a deal in general … except for the fact that he name-dropped her in one of his songs months after their split. The song, which is titled “Moana,” includes the lyrics, “I know a Keisha and I know Lana. They tried to get me back, but I’m like ‘No, nah, nah.’” The shade is just too real.

It’s widely believed among Lana’s fans that her song “In My Feelings” is a diss track against G-Eazy, since during one of her performances of the song, she said on stage, “I could name names, but I won’t,” while making a G sign with her hands. Who else could she possibly be talking about?

There were rumors that Lana was romantically linked to James Franco in 2014, and although there are plenty of pictures showcasing the two spending time together to fuel the rumors, he insisted they were friends.

She had a relationship with a photographer named Francesco Carrozzini from June 2014 to November 2015, and while they seemed like a good fit, it obviously wasn’t a perfect match.

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