Madison Beer’s Ex Boyfriends and Dating History

Madison Beer is one of the biggest names to have come up in the internet music scene in the 2010s. The American singer first became a big name after she got Justin Bieber’s attention in around 2012.

That immediate increase in popularity put her on the radar of a lot of people, among which prospective partners, too, come. Beer has been rumored to be with, and been with, many people since she first burst into the scene.

Her boyfriend list is not that long, but there are a lot of famous names involved in her dating history.

Jack Gilinsky

Madison Beer and Jack Gilinsky
Source: Twitter

Beer started dating Jack Gilinsky, another singer, in 2015 after meeting each other at a party through Nash Grier, a mutual friend. When they started dating, she was only 15; he was a little older at 18.

The details of how their relationship was (for the most part) are kind of a mystery, but they lasted two years. And when they broke up circa 2017, the reason for their split made a lot of headlines, and not in a good way.

An audio clip of Gilinsky allegedly verbally abusing Beer leaked on the internet. And although this leak happened after they had broken up, it was certain this was the reason for their break up and might not have been the only time something like that happened.

Soon after the leak, Beer, in a now-deleted tweet (as per Cosmopolitan), urged fans to be more careful than she was in her relationships.

“Don’t make the same mistakes I did, your safety is never worth it. No matter what, no one deserves to be treated that way,” she wrote in the tweet.

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Brooklyn Beckham

Madison Beer and Brooklyn Beckham
Madison Beer and Brooklyn Beckham

Not long after breaking things off with Gilinsky, Beer found herself with another man — Brooklyn Beckham. The two, who were friends for a long time, were rumored to be dating after being spotted engaging in PDA in LA.

The pictures went viral on the internet and after a week, Beer had to come out and say something. She did, but it might not have been what the fans were hoping for.

Beer said they were a thing, but only kind of — they were crushing on each other but not exactly dating.

Their fling ended after Beckham had to move to New York, and Beer did not want to do long-distance.

Zack Bia

Madinson Beer Zack Bia
Madinson Beer and Zack Bia

Around six months after her short-lived fling with Beckham, Beer moved on to date entrepreneur Zack Bia. They started their romance in 2018, although the exact dates are yet unknown.

They lasted a year, on and off, and broke up for good in March 2019. It was not the best of breakups nor the most amicable.

Beer, 20 when their romance ended, sent out a couple of tweets hinting at what she went through during her relationship with Bia.

“single madison thrives,” one of those read, while the others documented her thoughts on being surrounded by bad people and owing herself an apology for putting herself through things she realized she did not deserve.

Blake Griffin

Madison Beer Blake Griffin
Madison Beer and Blake Griffin
Source: Getty

In July 2019, news broke about Beer getting along nicely with a new man in Blake Griffin. The two had met in 2018 through Bia, but things remained platonic for a good while.

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Apparently, Griffin was friends with Bia, and Beer was friends with Kendall Jenner, who Griffin was going out within 2018.

Then, after Beer and Griffin broke up with their respective partners, they were spotted grabbing dinner in West Hollywood on June 12, 2019. A month later, on July 22, an insider source claimed the two had “hooked up.”

Things did not really go anywhere, though, and they just moved on.

Nick Austin

Madison Beer Nick Austin
Madison Beer and Nick Austin

Nick Austin is Beer’s current boyfriend. The couple was first linked in the summer of 2020.

Things had gotten serious by the end of that year — December saw them going on a road trip together. By the time February arrived, they were unofficially official.

Then, on her birthday on March 5, 2021, he made things Instagram official by posting a sweet message for her. “Happy birthday to the love of my life, my best friend, my dream girl, my soulmate,” he wrote on his birthday post.

Nothing has been able to keep them away from each other for long until now, not even her album tour. Their Instagrams now are filled with cute pictures of each other, and a few raunchy ones as well.

Did Madison Beer ever date Justin Bieber or David Dobrik?

As Beer came up with Bieber’s help, and they are signed to the same record label, there are always a few people who ask if the duo ever dated or would date.

The answers? No and no. She did not date Bieber, nor would she ever — she said he was “like big brother” to her during her 2017 appearance on The Zach Sang Show.

And what about David Dobrik?

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Speculations about Beer and Dobrik’s potential relationship began in 2020 when the singer started making regular appearances on the YouTuber’s videos and social media. They were flirtatious in her appearances, and that added fuel to the fire.

However, they never dated. In February 2021, when she was a guest on his podcast, Views, she discussed their “relationship,” putting to rest all the speculations once and for all.

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