Where is Missy Rothstein, Bam Margera’s Wife Now ?

Missy Rothstein is an American TV personality, model, actor, and photographer. She became a household name after marrying American skateboarder Bam Margera.

How Long Were Bam Margera and Missy Rothstein Married?

Missy Rothstein and Bam Margera were together for 5 years. Their marriage lasted from 2007 to 2012 before both of them decided to split.

Rothstein and  Margera had been in a romantic relationship for several years before their marriage. She was a cast member of Bam’s MTV show Bam Unholy Union. They married in February 2007 after becoming engaged in 2006.

The wedding took place at the Loews Hotel in Philadelphia’s downtown area. It was broadcast on the show portal, and the couple enjoyed a wonderful honeymoon in Dubai following their wedding.

Missy previously said in an interview that she used to be very concerned about Bam when he was filming and performing stunts.

Missy Rothstein and Bab Margera wedding
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Missy Feared Of Being A Young Widow

In an interview with Zimbio, Missy revealed that she feared she might be a young widow.

She quoted, “I’m a worrywart! When they were filming Jackass Number Two, I just told him, “Don’t even tell me what you have planned for the day. Just call me at the end, and tell me you’re all right.” Last year he was filming—I think it was Cribs—and he did a flip off a car into a moat. He split his head open, and I had to rush him to the hospital. He got 12 staples in his head. I’m always nervous right before he does a big stunt, but I’m not allowed to baby him or run over and make sure he’s OK.”

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Missy Rothstein and Bam Margera Divorce

What began as a happy marriage was not to last. Their marriage quickly became a source of contention. Bam’s heavy drinking and alleged extramarital affairs caused their marriage to fall apart, and the couple divorced in 2010.

Bam had previously stated that he and Missy live in different cities and only see each other once a week. He also revealed that she knows about his two girlfriends, one in San Francisco and the other in West Chester.
The divorce was a tumultuous process that was finally completed in 2012.

Where is Missy Rothstein Now?

Missy Rothstein
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There haven’t been many details about the divorce settlement made public. Following the divorce, Bam started dating Nicole Boyd, whom he married in 2013, less than a year after his divorce from Missy was finalized. He and Nicole have a son, who they have called Phoenix.

Missy, on the other hand, was overjoyed after the divorce and tweeted that she is now free, as well as throwing a divorce party. She decided to live a low-key life after that and has remained out of the spotlight ever since.

Missy Rothstein Net worth

Missy Rothstein’s net worth is estimated to be around 1 million dollars. Even though she had a split with her husband Bam, she has been successful in other endeavors such as TV and photography.





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